Mini Apartment Interior Design Project

The Mission

Being stylish and practical is one of the hardest things to do, especially with a small apartment. Our client, who was a bachelor, wanted to be sure he could have his apartment elegant and with a more private area for the bed while still having a mini living room and a larger place where to eat and mainly work from home as his job requires several hours on his PC.

The Solution

This project has been outstanding, and the client was simply over the moon with the result. Even though he had a small budget, I created a separation with the bedroom using a library (YAY MORE STORAGE). After that comes the living area with dining and chilling spots. I used the strange stape of the window to create a built-in bench that resulted perfect for the round table giving us that extra space to finally offer the guest that tiny sofa he always wanted to add. The bench has additional storage as it's made out of drawers. The extra two seats around the table can be pulled out and used around the armchair for other guests to enjoy the space around the couch.

About this Project

m2 (
Tel Aviv, Israel
Renovation and Furniture Price:
My Price:
White and beige kitchen with dining nook made out of Ikea shelves. There are a white round table and a plant on top of it.
Wood library dividing open space between 2 rooms, on one side we wee the bed with two black and white paintings on top of it. On the other side, we see a gray lounge chair.
White Nespresso machine in a wood library with a plant decoration on the left side.
White round table in front of 2 benches in a dining nook. With a big window behind it.
Minimal white bedroom with two black and white paintings on top of it. Round wood side tables and three big windows with a view of Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv.
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"She took care of my apartment from design to excecution and she delivered the place I always dreamed of. I have always known her to be quite creative, original and detail oriented, but she completely exceeded my expectations."

— Tatiana Miodownik on LinkedIn

"Micol is one of the most talented people I have had the pleasure to work with. She has an exceptional creative mind and abilities and is always able to surprise us with new designs we could't dream of!"

— Daniel Nuriel Bassali on LinkedIn

"We had the honor to have Micol as interior design for our property in Tel Aviv. Amazing work, excellent service innovative ideas! Strongly recommended!"

— Daniel Halfon on LinkedIn

"No matter how critical the decision or distressing the situation, Micol always confronts every difficulty with her astounding energy and resolute attitude."

— Isa Simona on LinkedIn
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